Jesus Needs New PR

This is the title of Matthew Paul Turner’s blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his post and lately he has put up some rather hilarious pictures that people have either painted, or drawn of Jesus. Actually the comments are funnier than the pictures. 🙂 You should go check out his blog!
I am always intrigued by people drawing pictures of Jesus. Especially if they look like Jesus has blonde hair and blue eyes. Last week I took my dad to go hear one of my best friends play for an event (Jamie Morgan). This event was in a small town right outside of Charlotte. On our way home I noticed a huge mural on the side of a small church that was just of Jesus’ face. I then told my dad about Matthew’s posts. You really should check out his blog.:) And then when you are done you should check out Jessica Turner’s blog. Jessica is Matthew’s wife and she has a lot of great posts as well. Including many that have pictures of their adorable son Elias!
There will be more recommendations to follow this week. I am greatly encouraged by all the people I have found on line through twitter and to be honest it was all thanks to Matthew one day following me. Otherwise I would have never found half the bloggers I truly enjoy reading. So much so I have neglected my own blog for a while!


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