The Power of a Story

I love to read! I try to read at least one book or more a month. At times there could be four or five at a time that I am reading. The amount of books I read depends on how busy I am with other things. I read many blogs through out the day. Lately I have read many blogs that share stories of others lives. I have read about affairs, heartache, bad decisions made, lives seemingly destroyed, abortion and yet through all of those I have read about redemption.
God’s redeeming love. It’s powerful.

There has been healing throughout the stories. Ah healing, maybe that’s what is tugging at me through these stories. Maybe that is what I am supposed to do… share some of my stories and let others see God’s healing.

I have decided in reading others blogs that I will start to share some of my stories. They may be disjointed, fragmented and at times raw. I have stories I share all the time with others in conversation and wish I would write them down. I have felt the tug for a while to start writing more… so if you are a reader get ready… I have stories to share and I hope that through them others will see God’s grace, redeeming love and His unending mercy towards a girl who just wants to serve Him daily!


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