This week I have been discovering more about God’s grace. A gift that He gives more abundantly than I could ever hope for. I am not sure how to write the next few sentences because I want to be sensitive to the situation I have been facing this week. I work for an insurance company… a small agency… but a large insurance company. We deal mostly with home and auto insurance. On Tuesday morning my boss called me and asked me if I had heard any news about an accident killing a mother and daughter that had occurred on Monday afternoon. I told him no but that I had read a headline on our local newspaper’s website about the accident. I chose not to read it because I see headlines like that almost weekly whether it be locally or nationally.
He told me to go read the story and find out what he thought was true… the young lady and toddler that were killed were one of our insured. Sure enough all the local stations websites had written about the accident and I as able to confirm that it was one of our insureds. The driver of the vehicle was going at a high rate of speed around a corner and over corrected twice before slamming into a tree. The car was ripped to shreds. The young lady and her daughter were killed instantly. The driver was taken to a local hospital where he is still in critical condition. The driver has had a 10 year history of tickets, violations and was due in court on Monday for charges of larceny.
On our local paper’s website they have a comments section and I decided to go through and see what people were saying. I was shocked and blown away at how many people are wanting to take this guy (the driver) and shoot him. Now, I do think that this guy needs to be punished but he didn’t willfully intend on killing anyone that day. This much I am choosing to believe in. I realized that there was no grace whatsoever in the comments wanting this guy to suffer even more than he is already is and will if this guy even survives. I am sure he is going to be haunted for the rest of his life and yes, he will probably spend time in jail and he will be sued by the girl’s family.
I realized more how much more I need to extend grace to others around me. I’m still processing all that is going on with this situation. Needless to say I am learning a lot more about insurance and grace this week!


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