With Arms Wide Open

I bet you have the Creed song “With Arms Wide Open” in your head now! 🙂 It wasn’t on purpose that I did that. (side note: A lot of phrases remind me of songs…it’s weird but I can be in a serious conversation with you and something you say will remind of a song and I will probably start singing it in my head or worst case scenario out loud!) 🙂
I recently found this photo of me and it has become a great reminder of how I try to live my life daily. There are so many things I try to cling to and not let go of, and things I wish I could control but in order to live a life of freedom I must have my hands and my arms wide open. For me it’s a sign of surrender. Everyday I have to remind myself that I can’t control all that’s going on in my world but I can keep my arms wide open and let God do the work! It seems to work out better for me in the end anyway! I have to daily release my family, friends and work to God.
What are some things you try to hold onto but the Lord is saying let go?


5 thoughts on “With Arms Wide Open

  1. i want to live wholly surrendered. i'm trying to get better at crawling right back onto the altar any time i realize i've crawled off… this whole livings sacrifice thing can be tricky.

  2. first, my shallow observation – i love your arms. i want them.second – but most important – i love this. living arms wide open isnt always easy for me. id rather be in a constant state of surrender, but im not always. its a constant faith journey for me. and its funny…God has never, not once, given me reason not to have faith. oh this stinkin flesh of mine 😉

  3. Tam ~ Thank you for the shallow observation! I'll take those anytime! :)It's a constant faith journey for me as well. You are right… God has never, not once, given me a reason not to have faith. I am going to keep reminding myself of that as well!

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