I kind of lost it today! Do you ever have days like that? For lunch today my parents invited me to go eat with them. We agreed upon a new restaurant and I was excited to try it out. I didn’t realize that my lunch break would be pushed to 1:30pm instead of 1pm. So, I was really hungry when it came time for me to go meet them. (My stomach was roaring at this point.) Add that with trying to find a parking spot some where close to where we were eating and I lost it. I ended up venting to my mom about how much I hate the parking where this particular restaurant is located on what I felt was a very unnecessarily long walk to the front door. I honestly can never find a spot each time I visit this complex. (I love Trader Joe’s and the only one that is close to my house and work is in this complex…b/c of the parking I rarely go! I know my logic is backward!:) ) To me it was a matter of convenience. I wanted to park with in a really short distance of the door so I didn’t have to walk further than I felt I should have to walk. After I got done ranting to my mom and got settled into our table is when I started realizing that my little moment of “losing it” wasn’t important in the long run and I really needed to focus on the fact that I am very blessed with more things than I can count! I mean I was having lunch with my parents and they paid! 🙂 Yeah I had my “coming to Jesus” meeting during my lunch and on my drive back to work. I need to realize that even though I might be inconvenienced its okay. I might not like it but there is always a reason for things that I might just not see at that time.
Do you ever have moments of just losing it over silly things… like finding a close parking space to a restaurant?!


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