Dessert Conversation

On Friday my boss took our office staff to lunch for Christmas.  I am the only full time worker but we have two part time workers.  (The people there were me, Stasia, Rachel and my boss Greg.)

If you know me in person chocolate is one of my favorite things!  The server brought out the dessert menus and of course I choose the chocolate cake! 🙂

But part of the conversation was funny after choosing my dessert and I thought I would share it with you…

Stasia: You and your sister always order chocolate cake for dessert any time I go out with you

Me: Its because I love chocolate!

Rachel: You love chocolate cake as much as my son loves coconut cake

Stasia: I hate coconut! I think its the texture… but I definitely don’t like it.

Me: Oh I love Almond Joy’s but I don’t really like the Almonds in them

Stasia: You just like the joy!

Me: Oh yes, I do like the joy!

So, this is probably funnier to me but it was the “almond joy” part of the conversation that I thought was funny…


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