My word for the year…

Is FOCUS.  I was challenged by two different bloggers Alece and Lindsey to find a word for this year and let have significant meaning to my life.  Alece said in her post that the word should capture what you want for 2010.

As much as I would love to said I am the most focused, driven person out there. The truth is I am not this person.  I can lack focus everyday.  Its probably why the paperwork on my desk at work piles up to where I feel as though I am drowning in a sea of it all.  I even had a talk with my boss about how I can get off track easily and lose focus.  He was blaming himself because he will generally come to my desk when I am in the middle of something and ask me to do something for him!

But I need to FOCUS more on the things I am passionate about.  Studying the Bible, photography, writing, loving people, running* and getting people excited about doing short term missions trips.

I am good at wasting time and so this year I am going to do my best to stay focused on the things above.

*So, I decided to start running this year… I want to run some 5k’s and some 10k’s and go from there! 🙂  Also definitely go check out Alece and Lindsey’s blogs!


4 thoughts on “My word for the year…

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  2. You must have gotten the lack of focus from your dad. I think I can be the least focused of anyone. Although I have my moments of focus. My desire, would be to focus on my relationship with G-d and my walk with Messiah Y’shua. Have you ever noticed that most of us want to “run” with G-d when he wants to “walk” with us?

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