50 Things about me

So, I have seen on other people’s blogs that when they reach a certain number of post they do a “50 things about me” or a “100 things about me post” to celebrate that milestone. 🙂  So in the spirit of celebrating the fact that I surpassed the 50 post mark I decided to do that kind of post.

Here are the 50 random facts about me:

1~ I was born in England

2~ I’m the middle child but I act like the oldest (with some baby tendencies thrown in there! 🙂 )

3~ I always have to put lotion on after I wash my hands… its a must!

4~ I dream a lot and I can recall vivid details of my dreams each morning

5~ I eat chocolate daily (yes, and I am still thin… I know start the hating now! 🙂 )

6~ I love to read

7~ I wear reading glasses at work but not at home

8~ I absolutely love Krispy Kreme doughnuts

9~ I love the shows NCIS and One Tree Hill

10~ I would rather eat brownies than ice cream 😮

11~ I am bi-lingual English and Sign Language

12 ~ I love working out

13~ One of my favorite movies is “Pride and Prejudice”

14~ I shake constantly… its a medical thing that runs in my family. Caffeine makes it worse

15~ I have basically been caffeine free for four years!

16~ I have one brother (Matthew) and one sister (Julia)

17~ I look like I could have been my great grandmother’s twin

18~ I lose focus easily… ADD much?

19~ I’m a control freak

20~ At the same time I am flexible and pretty laid back

21~ My first missions trip was to the Bahamas (I was 12)

22~ I just started watching 24 this season (I know so much to catch up on!)

23~ My favorite color is blue

24~ I can take a conversation in 15 different directions and always come back to the main point at the end

25~ Crocheting scarfs is really relaxing for me

26~ I love road trips!

27~ I really do not like sitting still… it annoys my family!

28~ I make random connections with people every where I go

29~ I lived in Hawaii for almost two years

30~ I have always been independent

31~ My dad thinks I am funny 🙂

32~ I have a hard time sleeping in… I’m a morning person by nature

33~ I hate turbulence…

32~ I don’t really like traveling alone

33~ I have never been drunk (and I plan on keeping sticking to that)

34~ At the moment Karen Kingsbury is my favorite fiction author

35~ I’m afraid of heights yet, I love hiking and outdoor activities

36~ I learned to snowboard in Switzerland!

37~ I went white water rafting for the first time two years ago

38~ I used to drive to Atlanta (from Charlotte) for 722 the young adults Tuesday night meeting.  I would drive home after it was done! (7 hours round trip)

39~ I like puzzles

40~ I love the taste and smell of coffee

41~ I love my blackberry but I really REALLY want an iPhone!

42~ I look at the weather forecast on Sundays so I can plan out what I will wear each day to work (it saves me time each morning! 🙂 )

43~ I never know what I am going to eat for lunch each day

44~ I only eat red meat once or twice a month (I can’t afford steak all the time and I rarely will eat a hamburger unless its from Five Guys)

45~ I’m not as patient as I would like to be

46~ I am always early to meet up with friends or going to an event

47~ My best friend Amy is always late! 😉

48~ I love Hallmark movies

49~ I can be very competitive when playing games

50~ I have always been shy!

I know #47 isn’t about me but that’s okay… its my post! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post… tell me something about you!


8 thoughts on “50 Things about me

  1. I think we would get along. I am enjoying your blog. I am a getting older mom, woman of God. I love chocolate, reading and stretching myself. I believe in the goodness of God even in a hellish world.

    • Cyndi~ Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog! 🙂 Its nice to hear from others who love God and chocolate! 🙂 I will be dropping by your blog today!

  2. 8~ I absolutely love Krispy Kreme doughnuts
    I totally did a blog post completely devoted to doughnuts. Revealing that once a house mate and I drove almost an hour for a dozen of Krispy Kremes (in addition to the ones we ate there)

    9~ I love the shows NCIS and One Tree Hill
    I love NCIS so much so that I often watch reruns instead of the new One Tree Hill episode. I know shame on me, or is it?

    • I love the fact you drove an hour to get KK! That sounds like something I would do!
      And no shame on you watching reruns of NCIS instead of One Tree Hill! I would love to go visit the set of NCIS! I want to meet everyone on the show as well! 🙂

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