Tonight I start a woman’s Bible study.  This is huge b/c I still haven’t found a church in Charlotte.  I know, sounds strange but for a while I have felt disconnected from my home town.  Especially in finding a church.   So tonight I head to a Bible study with a group of women whom I barely know.  Actually, I technically only know one person there!  I’m really okay with that.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people! 🙂  It will be strange walking into a room of strangers and starting a study with them that they have already dug into.  I’m a week behind but I will catch up!

But I am so excited to be apart of this.  Maybe that’s why I have had a hard time today.  I woke up discouraged, frustrated and honestly just plain upset at nothing in particular.  Not a fun way to start the day huh? My day IS getting better and I continue to look to the positive side of things!

I can’t wait to dig into the Word tonight with these ladies!

(I have connected with a church but unfortunately it is not in Charlotte. 😦 Its in Nashville!  Crosspoint is the church and if you live in Nashville and haven’t found a church, I recommend that one!)

Update: I had a wonderful time at the Bible study and actually know more than one person there! I know I am going to enjoy going on Tuesday evenings!


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