A few people…

I follow on Twitter and why I follow them.  I guess this is my “Follow Friday” tweet/post! 🙂

Bianca (@biancajuarez)  She’s young, passionate and loves the Lord. Her blog is always encouraging and fun to read! When I grow up I want to be a lot like her! 🙂

Pete (@pwilson) and Brandi (@brandiandboys). Pete is the pastor at Crosspoint church in Nashville, TN.  He and his wife both have blogs that I love to read!  They are here: Pete and Brandi Definitely check them out!

Amy  (@amyjbennett) and yes she has a blog too! 🙂 I have actually known Amy for quite a while and its all because of Pete’s blog that I reconnected with her!  She loves a lot of the same tv shows I love! And one day we are going to take a road trip to go visit Crosspoint Church in Nashville. 😉

Jeremy (@jehuthehunt) and April (@AfterMarchHunt).  I follow these two because they are an awesome couple! 🙂  I met them at a church in Charlotte a few years ago.  To say they are a beautiful couple might be a slight understatement.  Plus, they have one of the cutest girls ever… Flannery.  Oh yeah when you click on Flannery’s name you will go to April’s blog which will show you pictures I took of her (Flannery) last summer.

Alece (@gritandglory)  If you don’t want to be challenged to live life with authencity then don’t follow Alece! Her writing is thought provoking and transparent.  She also is the founder of Thrive Africa… a ministry in South Africa.  ThriveAfrica

There are obviously so many more people I follow on Twitter BUT today these are the standouts that I feel everyone should follow.  So what are you waiting for? Go follow them… be challenged… have fun… and make some new friends! 🙂


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