If I didn’t laugh I would be crying…

Today has so far been one that I could have let the hiccups of life bring me down.

A. I was late to work. (even though my boss gets in way after I do and he would never know it if I were late I do not like being late to anything. Plus, I don’t want to break a trust that he has that I will be here despite my alarm not going off this morning!)

B. My mom gets into a car accident and calls me.  (I am her insurance agent.) She’s hurt but I don’t know how badly until my dad arrives at the scene and he decides to call me and let me know that she has hurt her wrist and has burn marks all over from the air bag deploying.  Accident is not her fault.

C. After the phone calls from my parents at work the power goes out not once but twice on me while I am trying to do stuff on the computer! lol

AH what a day already and I haven’t even had lunch! 🙂

I am choosing to look at he positive side of all of these… I needed the sleep right? At least that’s what my boss said when I told him I was late. 🙂  My mom wasn’t seriously injured! And now that the power is back on (after a third time going out) I can get back to work!


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