Follow Friday

Its Friday once again and here is a list of people I follow-on Twitter and why! I promise this list will not be a long list of names.  I will keep it short b/c each Friday I will do FF post! 🙂

Rev Run (@RevRunWisdom) Yes, this the Rev Run from Run DMC! I guess I am nostalgic for my younger years! lol I do like his show Run’s House.

Lindsey (@lnobles) She has a blog that I love to read! Just like a few others I read I am always challenged by her writing.  I also feel that she expresses some a lot of what I’m going through in life.  Which is encouraging to me!

Sunny (@ThembaImagery) Well, I’m a little biased when it comes to following Sunny! 🙂  She is a dear friend in Charlotte and also now a colleague! I am a staff photographer for her photography business! Themba Imagery is the website!
Justin and Trisha (@justindavis33 and @trishadavis23) Justin is on staff with Crosspoint church in Nashville, TN.  They also have a blog that I like to go and read.  I have learned a lot about relationships through their willingness to write about their marriage.  (side note: there are many other couples I have found through twitter that have similar stories that Justin and Trisha have… I will definitely write about them in future “Follow Friday” posts.)

Are there people you are following or blogs that you like to read that you think I should check out?  Let me know!


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