Unintenional Blog Break

Apparently this week I took a break from blogging but it was not intentional.  I didn’t realize that I hadn’t written a blog post in a week!  Life kind of got crazy and at the end of each day I was just to tired to write anything down. (I have even fallen behind in reading my favorite bloggers! 😦 )

I have tried to take some time to do some other writing… writing real letters to my friends!  I absolutely love to hand write letters especially to my friends who don’t live near me.  At one time I can be writing several letters and cards to send out.

I did realize how much I need to be writing blog posts on a regular basis even if I don’t post them right away. Which is my goal for this week!

So I am back! Did you miss me? 🙂

Last week I was able to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while, even though we live in the same city.  I also hung out with my sister and her roommate Anastasia on Friday night to see Julia’s favorite singer Ernie Halter.  I know she was excited that I finally made it to one of his shows.  I took time out last week to really pray about my future and about the time of “waiting” that I feel that I am in.  Which brought a song to mind that is by Greg Long “In The Waiting“.   Sarah Markley also wrote a blog post that really resounded with me this week and has to do with waiting.

I’m trying to be patient and not be the little girl kicking and screaming because she is not getting what she wants.  Right now though, the waiting sucks! Just being honest.

I am trying to look to this next week with an atittude of gratefulness and thanksgiving for all that I do have and where I am.  I want to have joy despite my circumstances.  I’m getting there… its a daily process. 🙂

Sorry for the random blog post. 🙂

Anyone out there struggle with the “waiting”?


3 thoughts on “Unintenional Blog Break

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  2. First of all Becky, I love that song!! I know what you mean. I am “in the waiting” as well. “While I am Waiting” by John Waller is my lifesong right now. It states “I will serve you while I am waiting.”
    Waiting is hard especially for those who are not a patient person, like me!!
    Praying for you as you wait!

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