Follow Friday

Here is my Follow Friday list:

Sarah @sarahmarkley I found Sarah through the Incourage website and that led me to her blog and following her on Twitter! Like many other blogs I read I am challenged by the words she writes in each post.  You should check out her blog and read her story. She shares a lot about her family and the struggles they have faced and overcome.

Jenny @jclayville I found Jenny through Twitter and then found her blog. I can always count on Jenny making me laugh through her tweets!  She also has a similar story as Sarah.  You need to go read both of their blogs!

Serena @SerenaWoods I some how ended up on Serena’s blog one day.  I think I found her blog while visiting a few others I read (yes, I know that I read a lot of blogs! I love them all!) 🙂  I then found her on Twitter and decided that I needed to follow her.

Tammy @inprogress I believe I found Tammy through following people from Crosspoint Church in Nashville, TN.  I decided to check out her blog and I am so glad I did! I love reading her post as often as possible.

Nicole @nicolewick Again I am not sure how I found Nicole but I have a feeling it was through one of the many blogs I read! 🙂  She also has a blog! She also blogs at XXX Church.

So, what do these women have in common? A lot of wisdom packed in years of going through struggles and seeing God bring them through each one stronger than they were before.  I would love to meet each one of them! Go follow them, check out their blogs and enjoy!


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