Today around 2pm I hit a wall so to speak and just became overwhelmed.  My work was piling up and I kept thinking about all the things I needed or wanted to get done after work today.

These were some of my frustrations today that led to my feeling overwhelmed:

1~ I couldn’t get through the stack of paper work on my desk. Every time I tried to process paperwork the phone rang with another issue I had to deal with.

2~ I’m trying to get tickets for me and my best friend to go see “Jersey Boys” at Blumenthal Theater here in Charlotte but they are not exactly accommodating to hearing impaired people! 😦 (My best friend is hearing impaired.)

3~ I haven’t found my tax information from last year and I really want to get my taxes done! I hate waiting until the last minute and I have no idea where it is! 😦

4~ Oh and speaking of best friends… I haven’t seen or hung out with my two best friends in a little over two months! ugh… that just really stinks! Granted one lives an hour away and the other eight hours but still… I miss them both! 🙂

5~ I’m a week and a half late on getting a care package sent to my friend Ange in LA… Ange if you are reading this I am doing that tomorrow! 🙂

So, I tweeted about my being overwhelmed and I had a person respond @flowerdust (aka Anne Jackson go check out her blog! Great stuff on there!) to that tweet… she said: deep breath. eyes shut. happy place. count backwards from 100. do the hokey pokey. yeah…  This response made my day turn around! Memories of doing the “hokey pokey” while roller skating in elementary school! Seriously though I took some deep breaths realizing I needed to just relax. The feeling of being overwhelmed subsided!

Welcome to my day! 🙂

Do you have days like this?

Ps. I ran four miles today!!!


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