Art Imitates Life

I have heard that saying a lot over the years and last night I saw “Art” imitate my life! On Tuesday I decided to dvr the new show “Parenthood” on NBC because one of my favorite actresses is in it. (Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls 🙂 )  Anyway, as I sat watching the show I started realizing more and more that I identify with the son who gets phone call after phone call from everyone of his family members needing something from him.  Needing him to fix something, assuring a sibling that they are making the right decision, work out a problem they are going through, listen to the whining and complaining that seems to come at him throughout the whole show.    I sat amazed as I realized that at times is my life! I saw the struggle that I face in this guy…

I get the phone calls like that.  I play the role of counselor, friend, second mom, fixer of problems, and at times the role of daughter.  I don’t hate this position but there are days when I want to run and hide from my family.  😉

I love my family… it was just interesting to see my life to a degree being played out in a TV show!

Has this ever happened to you????


5 thoughts on “Art Imitates Life

  1. I watched this show too and I felt like the teenage son who was torn just really messed up over his Father {rocker with drug issues}. I felt like I was watching my childhood.

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