Today I ran five miles!  That’s huge for me because I started running less than two months ago.  I am training to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston on March 27th.  It’s a 10k.

I started running because I wanted to feel better and I love to exercise but I no longer belong to a gym due to cutting things that I don’t need out of my budget.  Well, running I can do for free! 🙂  I am challenging myself each week to push further beyond the week before.  (last week I ran 4 miles)

My goal is to run several races a year now!


4 thoughts on “Running

  1. Yes running is somewhat free! 🙂 But make sure you have a very good pair of running shoes otherwise you will end up having leg problems. Also keep track of how many miles you run a day so you can judge the life span of the shoes. find a shop that deals in running apparrel and shoes and ask them how many miles you can get out of a pair of shoes. I think it is around 300+. I recently learned what to look on Luke’s shoes to know when he will need to training shoes. My hat is off too you Maybe you will be able to run a marathon with your Uncle David some day!!! 🙂 Love ya!!

    Aunt Julie

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