Compassion International and My Dreams

Last night I had a wonderful opportunity to have dinner with a friend of mine that I don’t get to see often enough! In the course of the conversation we started talking about Compassion International.  We both sponsor children in different countries.  I was filling her in on the Compassion Bloggers trip that is going on this week in Kenya (more on that below). If you haven’t guessed already I am a huge fan of Compassion.  I don’t know if I should put it like that or not but if I ever get the opportunity to discuss the work that Compassion is doing, I will definitely take it.  One might say I’m a bit passionate about it! Okay, a lot passionate about it! 🙂

This past week I have followed the bloggers who have gone with Compassion to Kenya.  I have been in tears all week. Not just tears of my heart breaking for all the children needing sponsors but also tears of joy seeing that Compassion’s work IS changing lives!

Last night Compassion was so much on my heart and mind I dreamt about it all night long.  I dreamt about the team of bloggers that are over in Kenya and also about the child Obsa and his family that I sponsor.  There wasn’t anything real specific about the dreams that I remember (which is unusual for me… I remember details about most of my dreams).  I just know that they were wonderful dreams! It looks like I will be sponsoring another child soon! What an amazing privilege!

Please take some time and check out Compassion… you will never be the same! I promise! 🙂


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