No Joke

Everyday I take the same route to work. There is a private school within a mile of my home that uses police officers to direct traffic in and out of the school.  One of the officers I see every morning is no joke when it comes to doing his job.  I have been behind him in traffic after the school traffic is clear (obviously I’m late for work at that point! :)) and he sees some one speeding or getting into a turn lane before the lane begins and his lights go on and he is pulling the person over real quick.  Anyway, this morning I was stopped at the same spot when the officer started to let our lanes go when he stops a car (two cars in front of me) and ask to see the driver’s license and all.  He then makes the kid pull over to the side and talks to him.  He pulled some one over while directing traffic and he wasn’t even in his car! I think the kid was honking his horn at him at one point… not sure but I wouldn’t want to mess with him!

This police officer really is no joke… He scares me! I’m glad he takes his job seriously though!


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