With Open Eyes

This past Tuesday I had the privilege of being invited to a fundraiser by a couple whom I am friends with.  This is a side note: My friends Billy and Julie were one of my youth pastors growing up at my home church Central Church of God.  Billy is now the CEO of Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) and they partnered with With Open Eyes ministry at this fundraiser.

I had found out about With Open Eyes ministry from my best friend Jamie several months ago.  Through Jamie I found out that the guy leading the ministry is some one I grew up with at Central.  Josh Livingston started this ministry 8 months ago.  I told him on Tuesday evening that I would put up a post about what they are doing because I believe in their mission.  You can click here to visit the website and learn more about them.

I love their mission statement: To BE A VOICE for those SUFFERING AROUND the WORLD by PROVIDING RELIEF, HOPE and CHANGE through HUMANITARIAN AID and the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.

WOE is working in Sudan and have on going projects there.  They have 2 Sudanese pastors that are working as mobile messengers, traveling to different villages.  They are working to provide clean water through digging wells.  And are providing education with a primary school that was started outside the Village of Lui.

There is so much more they are doing but I wanted to give you a small glimpse of WOE.  Please go check it out!


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