Motor Racing Outreach

Well, I must confess something here.  I am not a huge racing fan at all! Matter of fact I don’t really get it. I know, I know you must be thinking “Becky, you were raised in the South! How can you not like racing?”.  I find it to be very simple… it’s not baseball to me.  That is the one sport I actually get! But that’s a whole different post for another time.

Back to racing.  While I do not have an affection for racing I do however love to write about my friends that are in ministry and what they are doing to impact the place God has called them too.  One of my youth pastors (when I was in youth group several years ago 🙂 ) has been working with MRO for many years.  I have always stayed in contact with both Billy and his wife Julie.  This is the ministry that Billy leads.   Motor Racing Outreach They not only reach out to the drivers and their families but also to the fans and its been going strong for years now!  On Tuesday evening I got to hear more about MRO and how it got started.  I heard Lake Speed (one of the founders of MRO) talk about how when he was on the racing circuit that it was hard to stay connected to a church when you are traveling every weekend.  He wanted to start something that would bring church to the racetrack for the drivers who wanted it.  And thus Motor Racing Outreach began.

I believe in this ministry as much as I believe in With Open Eyes and also Thrive Africa.  All three have are wonderful and you should check them all out! 🙂


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