I scared an old lady

But it wasn’t on purpose! I promise! 🙂  During my lunch break I went to Target to get a few things and then head back to the office.  After I left Target I was stopped at a light waiting for it to turn green.  My light turned green and the traffic turning left in front of me didn’t seem to care that it was my turn to go.  Needless to say I pulled out into the intersection and the last car to turn left had a young woman driving with an older lady in the passenger seat that looked like she had seen a ghost when I started to drive towards them! So, maybe I didn’t really scare her, it could be that the young driver is a maniac driver and she was scared that the driver would get her hurt.  Either way the look of sheer fear on her face was intense.  By the way I would never purposefully hit some one… I am an insurance agent… the claims process alone makes me want to be a safe driver! 🙂


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