My First Race!

Today I ran my first race in Charlotte.  I ran 4 miles in 42:30.  No that’s not great BUT it was my first race and I did my best to keep my pace steady.  I did this race because next week I do another one and I wanted to get some experience. Also, I started running less than two months ago!

Some things I learned today:

1. Don’t forget to eat my banana before the next race (I did eat beforehand just forgot the banana! :))

2. The people cheering on the sides are wonderful and I love them!

3. Having my dad at the end of the race made my ending the race that much sweeter!

4. The running community is huge and I had no idea how big until today.

5. I now know that I can do this running thing and I will definitely keep it up!

Here is me at the end of the race


9 thoughts on “My First Race!

  1. Nice job! The time means nothing other than giving yourself a measuring stick…the fact that you got out there and did it is what matters.

    Keep up the good work!

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