This Weekend

This week has been very hard for many reasons.  I am so thankful I have tomorrow off of work.  After running this past weekend out of town and coming back to a ton of work it will be nice to have a day to rest.  At least I hope I do rest! Here’s the problem… I have a hard time just sitting still.

Yesterday I thought “awesome I get a day off” and then my thoughts turned to everything I could do on my day off and how to organize it so that I get things done and not waste time.  Its going to be beautiful this weekend and I want to enjoy as much time outside as possible.  Which means the laundry will have to wait.  🙂

I do have a book I am going to read by Karen Kingsbury “Take Three”.  Hopefully that will help me to sit for a few hours and enjoy as much of this weekend as I can!

Yes, I will be running some this weekend as well! I want to keep up with that as much as possible. And there is a good possibility that I will be cooking on Sunday for Easter! I’m looking forward to being at church on Sunday as well. (I’ve missed two Sundays in a row and it feels weird not going.)

What are your plans for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. In-laws from Michigan are coming down today for the week-end and Paul is here!! for the week-end. He’ll go back to school on Monday. Hope you have a great Easter week-end!

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