The Chair

The memories come flooding through my mind and take me back in time.  I sit in the chair and think about the time of being on the pontoon boat circling the lake, the canoe rides to go and see the beaver dam that they were building in a small cove off the lake.  The attempts at skiing behind the ski boat and failing miserably each time but enjoying my time just being in the water. The one evening we would go play putt putt and ride go-carts.  Walking around the craft fair that was in town. Some summers it was cooler than I like and other summers the weather was just perfect.  Perfect = warm. 🙂

The chair below is the one that was in the cottage that my grandparents had on Lake Otsego in Gaylord, MI. I inherited the chair and I love it because of the memories of summers long ago that are attached to it!


One thought on “The Chair

  1. Reading your blog brings back memories. Peaceful, bittersweet memories. I will always remember sitting on the dock or just in the yard late at night gazing up into the heavens, drinking in the beauty of the heavenly hosts. The wonders of G-ds creation at night! The heavens declare your glory. Night after night with out words it tells the story of creation and redemption. How marvelous are the works of your hands O G-d!

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