Too often I let fear guide me in the wrong direction.  Last night at Bible study one of the things that I took away from the lesson is that at times we can protect ourselves right out of our calling.  Boy do I know how to protect myself! I would at times rather just stay where I am and do the same thing because moving forward would require an element of faith that I don’t feel I have.  That’s because fear has set in my heart and is trying to reason that it needs to be there to protect it from getting hurt again.  I have tried things and failed, so why try something else.  Last year I took some risks that I knew would change me and my heart. I’m glad I didn’t listen to the fear of others around me in regards to the risks… I decided to trust that God has my heart and knows me and will guide me through those risks.  I needed to go through that time. I wouldn’t trade taking those risks for anything! And the time has come again for me to take some more risks and let the fear that grips my heart go so it doesn’t keep me from my calling.

I don’t have all the answers yet to what I am looking for but I do know that God is in control and that He will guide me.  Its really actually an exciting time in my life.

I will keep everyone posted!

Ps. I really loved listening to Beth Moore last night at Bible study!


6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I love your line of “protecting yourself right out of your calling.” I do that way too much. I can cower in fear. On the weight of risk and protection from potential pain…protection has always won out. That creates so much restlessness and tension in me. I love adrenaline and taking risks. My heart is a whole different thing. I want to grow in the area of trust. out of that i hope my calling dreams blow the heck up!

    • I wish I could say I came up with that line all on my own! BUT it was the one thing I took away from my Bible study that caused my heart to say “why are you doing this to yourself?”. I have always been a big dreamer and willing to go and do some things most people wouldn’t dream of… Trust for some reason has been something my heart has a hard time with and its a daily choice to say “yes, I will trust”. I want to see God take my dreams and do something bigger and better than I ever thought possible! 🙂 I’m praying with you that God will continue to grow our hearts in trust and see Him fulfill our dreams and our callings!

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