Biltmore House

Today I spent a majority of my time at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC with my mom.  We had a great time walking throughout the house, gardens, winery and the farm.  My favorite parts were the house and the gardens.  Also the shopping was great as well! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from our time today:

This is the house:

Some flowers from the garden:

My mom in the garden:


11 thoughts on “Biltmore House

  1. beautiful flowers. shopping so what did you buy your old aunt? 🙂 by the way your Dad is feeling sick to his stomach according to a message he sent me

    • Thanks! Well, we did buy some mix stuff that we will use for the bridal shower for Sarah! 🙂 Yeah my mom talked to him and he said he wasn’t feeling well… 😦

  2. Nice of your mom to wear a shirt that goes well with the flowers. We were there last Saturday. You took some nice pics.

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  4. Beautiful! It’s been years since I’ve been there. I think I would appreciate it much more now. I would love an excuse to go to Grove Park Inn while I’m there!

  5. Hi! I popped over from WithoutWax…noticed you and my daughter have something in common, she will not even try to drive her Daddy’s car! She has no problem driving my minivan, even though in Sept. she wrecked the one we had for 10 yrs!!!
    She just wrapped up her first yr. of college and you can check her blog out at and yes, her name is Carolina! My Mom is from Franklin, west of Asheville and it has been way too long since I was at Biltmore…still beautiful, though, from your pics!!!

    • Thanks for popping over! Yep, I don’t think I will ever drive any of my dad’s vehicle’s willingly! lol
      OH man wrecks are no fun at all! Been there, done that! I will definitely check out your blog as well as your daughters! I love the fact you named her Carolina!
      The Biltmore is still beautiful! I loved being there!

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