I’m sure by now its not a big surprise that I love the show Parenthood.  After the first episode I wrote about how I felt like I was watching my life being portrayed on TV!

My friend Amy has a fan site dedicated to all things Parenthood! After each episode she will put up favorite lines from the show and the season finale show was full of great lines! I went to go check out what she had put up and I saw the lines from one scene I definitely identified with in an unusual way.  (If you don’t watch Parenthood this might bore you a bit.)

The scene is the dad Zeek and son Crosby drinking. (Crosby is the youngest son and Adam is the oldest son) As they continue drinking the next two lines come forth:

Zeek: I couldn’t get Adam to drink one beer with me!
Crosby: If he drinks too much the stick might fall out of his ass!

That scene made me laugh out loud and I said “That is something my sister would say about me”.  And yes, she has said it in different ways! I pictured my sister drinking with her friends and getting “pretty” (as she calls it) and saying that about me. No, I’m not offended in the least. 🙂 It truly was my favorite scene in this episode.

I don’t drink (for many different reasons) and so that is why my sister would say that. Even though I am not the oldest in my family, I do act like the oldest and have always had a “serious” side.  😉

I love the show Parenthood!


6 thoughts on “Parenthood

  1. Never have seen the show. I’m living the show 🙂 As far as the drinking been there once. Never again! 🙂 And considering there was a relative who was a reformed alcoholic why push the envelope that the propensity might have been geneticly passed on. Definitely not worth the risk. Have seen what that disease has done to families that I know and it is not good. Generally leads to very broken families.

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