I might be crazy!

But if you know me at all you probably think I am already! 🙂

I haven’t blogged much lately due to my schedule being crazy.  Last week my boss was out sick for three days and that wore on me more than I expected it to.  So I do apologize for not being a good blogger! (forgiveness is there right? :))

So, why do I think I might be crazy?  Well, great question, here’s the answer: I’m thinking, contemplating, praying about training to run a half marathon/marathon in December! I know I just started really running a few months ago but I seriously love it. I love being active! There’s a great program with the running store that I currently run with that starts on July 10th.  It will require more of a time commitment and I will probably have to get up even earlier than I do to do some of the training.  I want to be more disciplined in all things I do so this could be a great push for me.  BUT do I need one more thing in my life?  Now you see some of my thought process of going back and forth with the pro’s and con’s of it all.  And why I might just be crazy! 😉

The program I am thinking about doing is called USA Fit.

I do think that this training program will not only help me run better, I will also feel better.  Yep, I am trying to get more healthy as well.

I might just be crazy enough to do this!

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “I might be crazy!

  1. It wears me out just thinking about it. I have never been a runner…..and now as a “senior citizen” I am just happy to still being a walker. I find you can stay in shape as a walker without the damage to the knees caused by running.

  2. Soon you will be like your Uncle David 🙂 Next thing we will hear from you is that you are training for a full marathon. Then finally that you are going to run the Boston marathon like your uncle 🙂

  3. I hope you do it! If you love running, I see no reason not to! I’ll have to come and cheer you and my friend Melissa on! I think 2 coworkers are doing ThunderRoad too (I assume that’s the one you mean)

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