Saturday’s Race

This race I decided to run without my iPod. I know, that’s a very strange thing, especially when I LOVE having my TobyMac, energetic music to keep me going. BUT, I found out something that’s even better. The sound of thousands of feet pounding the pavement in a beautiful rhythm, letting you know that there are others right along with you on this race.  (I do believe there is a sermon in that sentence! :)) Its a beautiful thing.

It was HOT at 7:30am that morning but I enjoyed the race and with my pace time I realized that since doing the Cooper River Bridge Run I have increased my pace time by a minute! The training I am getting is helping me in becoming a better runner! I LOVE IT! 🙂

This photo shows me at the end of my race… I kept trying to get the water in my mouth but a good portion of it went down my chin and just soaked my tank top more… its okay b/c it helped cool me down! 😉

I ran the race in 29:26!


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