Today I was accused of stealing and I was not/am not happy about it.  Really who would be happy about it? No one. One of my customers decided to accuse me of stealing rather than seek information about a transaction that had taken place yesterday.

I’m still shaking over it.

My blood pressure went through the roof after getting off the phone with the customer.

Anyway, I really dislike some one accusing me of lying or stealing.  It gets to me even more when I can’t prove that what they are accusing me of, didn’t happen. (Unfortunately I can’t prove much in this situation… its a he said/she said type thing.)

My boss is behind me on this problem and I am very grateful for that.  He knows the truth of the situation.

Have you ever been accused of stealing and know you didn’t do it? How did you handle it?


2 thoughts on “Accused

  1. Have not had this happened but have been accused of other things and yes it makes your blood boil when you are falsely accused. 😦 Your reputation with your boss is good and I am glad he is in your corner!!!! I guess the only way to handle it is pray

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