No core strength

This past Saturday I went to my USA Fit training with one goal in mind… finish the run and feel good about it.  I did both. 🙂

I was told that after our training there would be some guys from Greenapple Sports Chiropractic speaking about strength training, posture and all the stuff we need to be doing to stay fit and healthy.  The Dr.’s had some evaluations they performed on the runners if they would like it so, I decided to get an evaluation done on my core strength. Uh, yeah about that… I have NONE.  I mean it… none as in it just doesn’t exist at the moment. The doctor  laughed at me. Really he did! I’m okay with that because seriously I was laughing at myself.  He pushed one of my legs down from the air with one finger as I tried to resist his pushing it down. Yep, I have no core strength.

So, I get to start doing more core strength training this week than I have already been doing.  I also need to work on my balance.  And we all know that balance is definitely something I need to work on! 🙂

Just thought I would share this!


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