Whew what a week!

The last two weeks have been crazy but this past week has been quite the challenge.  I had several blog posts half way written out and have yet to finish them. So today I thought I would give some highlights to what is going on in my world!

~ My boss was out of town a good portion of last week and this week we have been playing catch up. I didn’t realize how much work had piled up over the three days he was gone.

~I have increased my running a bit and will run five miles this Saturday. Last Saturday after running and then going all over Charlotte with my mom and dad shopping, I crashed.  When I say crashed… I took a three hour nap! That rarely happens in my world.

~Sunday morning I helped my friend Sunny with a photo shoot for her friends. It was a lot of fun but I was exhausted from the day before.

~I have been really wanting the new season of NCIS to come on. I guess you could say I need an NCIS fix. Yes, I do watch the re-runs. I LOVE this show.  So I decided to pick up the “Hero’s of Quantico” series by Irene Hannon at the books store. Its helping the fix  some but of course its not NCIS! 😉

~I’ve been restless. REALLY restless. It seems to grow with each new day. I’m struggling to figure out why. There’s always a reason.  I am praying for direction, clarity, and peace of mind.

~Yesterday we got a strange call towards the end of our work day and it had to do with a suicide that happened here in town. It bothered me greatly.  No I don’t know who it was. For some reason it was unsettling yesterday.

~On Tuesday evening I thought it was Wednesday. On Wednesday evening all I could think about was sleep and last night (Thursday) I thought it was Tuesday.

~Wednesday evening I went to church with my mom and learned a lot about sheep and goats! I am hoping to post about that soon! The scripture was Psalm 23.

~I am so thankful today is Friday!

~Oh, through a conversation with my mom about “anchor babies” I realized that my brother and I are unintentional anchor babies. We were born in England on the Air Force base in Lakenheath which is on British soil.  England changed the law about children being born over there around 1984. (I might blog about this some more later on.) Yes, I do have my British birth certificate! 🙂

How has your week been? Anything new and exciting?


5 thoughts on “Whew what a week!

  1. I think running is becoming part of the family! The hills are alive! With the sound of running! The week gets any crazier for you, we will have to put up rubber padding in your room! :D!

  2. I have read all of Irene Hannon’s Heros of Quantico books and they are good, Having not watched NCIS i can not compare but the books I can picture in my mind what is happening.

    • Her books are nothing like NCIS but its the military aspect that is giving me my fix. By the way the next time I’m in Illinois I am going to make you watch one episode of NCIS with me! 🙂

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