Bad Sunburn

A friend on Twitter, Mary,  wrote a post today about the worst sun burn she ever had.  Well, of course I have a story about that! 🙂

20 years ago I went on a missions trip to the Bahamas with my church. The trip if I recall was the first missions trip overseas with my church, Central.  It was a two-week trip with over 150 adults, teens and some children.  We went to Nassau and stayed in a gym that was right next to the church we worked with, if I am remembering correctly.  A week before the full team arrived some guys went ahead and built showers for everyone to use!  Imagine 150 people of all ages sleeping in the same room for a week. Our beds during that time were 6 chairs (3 on each side) pushed together,  with a mattress and sleeping bag on top.  I’m sure I have a picture some where of that. While there we did a week-long VBS for the kids that lived in the neighborhoods around the church.  To be honest, I can’t remember much more of what we did that week. How sad is that?!

On the second week of the trip we sailed back to Miami from Nassau.  There were times we were able to go explore small islands and just swim in the ocean.  One day I decided to stay on the boat I was assigned to.  I stayed under a blue tarp, on the deck thinking it would shield me from the sun. But, I was mistaken. 😦 I ended up getting too much sun and my face blew up like a balloon.  I don’t remember a whole lot of the details surrounding it but I know it was intense! That and I couldn’t really see for a couple of days! 😦

I survived and to this day my pastor still asks me if I am okay. I laugh and tell him “yes, I am fine”. 🙂

Do you have a sun burn story?


2 thoughts on “Bad Sunburn

  1. Okay, I was teasing, but that is SUCH a terrible story!! I can’t believe you got THAT burned under a tarp!! (And I’m sad that nobody was able to warn you before it happened.) Yikes. A swollen face is NOT the way to spend your days in the Bahamas…

    • Your post and comment got me to finally write a new post! 🙂 I laugh about this all the time and I was laughing at your tweet too! Yeah I can’t believe I got that sunburnt either! I was also a full time missionary based in Hawaii. 🙂

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