My Birthday

September 16th was my birthday! This year the celebration started a day early. My sister Julia, my mom and my friends Amy, Lisa, Stasia and Hannah went out Wednesday to celebrate.
We went to Chima’s for dinner and oh my word the food was absolutely fantastic! (If you live in Charlotte go to Chima’s. You won’t be disappointed. :))
Our next stop, the theater! We went to see Mary Poppins! Oh how I love Mary Poppins! It was a wonderful production! From the sets, the actors and the music it was incredible! I loved it! (Can’t you tell how much I loved it? :))

One thing about my birthday every year is,  my mom will find me by phone or in person to sing “Happy Birthday” to me at 10:15pm on September 15th.  That’s because all my family found out about my birth on the 15th of September not the 16th because I was born in England! So right after the show my mom stopped me in the lobby and sang “Happy Birthday” to me!

This is me and Amy at dinner

This is me and Lisa at dinner

This picture has everyone but my mom and Amy 😦 waiting for the second half of “Mary Poppins” to begin.

All in all I had wonderful time and I am so thankful to have shared that night with all of them! So here’s to 33!


4 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Looks like you had a great time, family and friends are so important. Must admit just a touch jealous would love to see Mary Poppins 🙂

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