Jonah Study

Last week at Bible study I sat listening to Priscilla Shirer talk about Jonah and how God’s heartbeat has always been for reaching the lost.  After my time at Bible study I go to read my email and there is one from my friend Alece talking about the same thing! 🙂  I am hoping to have a guest post from her really soon so you all can enjoy what she has to say.

I have been really challenged by the study of Jonah and his small but oh so significant book in the Bible.  Jonah ran from God, boy am I good at running! Yes, literally and spiritually! Jonah wasn’t really compassionate toward the Ninevites, sometimes I have a hard time being compassionate to others whom I don’t like. Jonah was comfortable, yep you guessed it…I am way to comfortable at times with my life the way it is.  Jonah finally obeyed but not with out grumbling and complaining. Yeah, about those… wow that hit hard.  Obeying God with out grumbling and complaining is something I haven’t mastered at all! 😦

Have you ever studied Jonah before? If not, what are you studying now that is making an impact on your life?


2 thoughts on “Jonah Study

  1. I struggle with being compassionate with those that I disagree with or don’t like too! But God commands us to love and pray for our enemies. Thanks for this reminder!

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