Lately, I haven’t been on my blog as much as I would have hoped for. I took more time to just be after running my 1/2 marathon.  Today I received an email from my friends Amos & Ellen Hathway.  These guys have had an unbelievable impact in my life over the years.

Amos from time to time writes devotionals and in their email I received today he had written one I wanted to share with you all! I read this devotional with tears in my eyes…good tears. 🙂

Devotional:What happend to revival?

Do we get old and settled or do we just forget the visions of our youth? Do we even forget to dream? I had a vision of global revival, of a generation so sold out that nothing could hold them back. We stood, jumped, prayed, and laid face down on the floor for that vision, hundreds of us around the world with a common vision, a common goal of ushering the greatest revival ever seen. It was a roar that echoed off of the Factory, buildings, within cities, and outside fields. We ripped our shirts off in passion and wept over our sin. A movement was being born and yet it seems still unborn. My heart awakes from time to time to that vision which has now become a dream. But will I awake?
I look out on the streets of this world and see now more than ever that vision is needed. The vision of stadiums, market places, of city centres, of gathering points in mega cities, filled with people worshiping God and people running to join the vision of revival in the streets, of every believer becoming a history maker. It seems that we have become settled in to the status quo of our tidy religion conformed to the likeness of a box that seems so big to us but lacks depth. It is a box and a shallow one at that. I speak to myself right now as well. I seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel but I am awakening. Maybe that is what needs to come first?
Awakening that our destiny doesn’t lie in the status quo, that it doesn’t lie in a platform or a title,  that our leaders don’t always have all the answers but that the answer lies in Christ in us which is the hope of glory. We need to awaken from the dream to the vision. Awaken as from a deep sleep that things can be different, that there has to be more. We need awakening to the fact that we need to live dangerously like Jesus again. It will take a generation willing to lay down everything to see it happen, a generation that is tired of just playing the game of suburban spirituality and move into the downtown core of discipleship. Is your heart burning within you? We need to see a generation of worship leaders willing to sing songs worthy of the lamb and who are desperate for His vision, of intercession leaders who are willing to pray dangerous prayers, to stop praying for the lamb and pray for the lion. There is more. I don’t think we talk about it because we don’t believe it anymore. We have moved on and seem to feel that, at least for some of us, that was youthful zeal as season in time. We have matured.
There is a fear at writing this, fear for one that I am the only one left on the island. Fear that we have all moved on. There is also a fear at what it might cost me. I write this sitting in down town Mae Sot, Thailand. A city on the border between two countries’s that need revival more than ever in a world that needs to see a global awakening more than ever. Only Jesus and a people, an entire generation so sold out that they are willing to go and do and be the answer will bring this about. It won’t be in our buildings, our organization, our strategies, our funding, in our words but in deeds as well, not in dreaming but in vision, not in our facebook status but in where our status puts us that we will begin to see an awakening in the hearts of His people and once that happens we can see the global awakening that my generation once prayed for happen.
Be the answer.


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