Bible in 90 Days

Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it. Really, truly I did not think I would make it! 😦

When I first said “yes” I thought I would make it but after getting behind two weeks right out of the gate, I thought that’s it. I’ve blown it. I didn’t want to disappoint Amy who had asked and encouraged me to do this. I didn’t want to disappoint myself either with failing yet again at something I know that I should take time out for.

I must also disclaim something here: For several months last year I had felt that I need to be reading the Bible more and not reading novels. I LOVE Karen Kingsbury’s books so much that I will neglect food just so I can finish reading the book.  (I’m serious.) I have no self discipline when it comes to reading her books. Which is probably why I bought one of her new books back in October of last year and laid it on my shelf. I knew that I needed to read the Bible in full before I could pick up “Unlocked” and read it.  You would think that the motivation to read her novel would get me moving on what I felt the Lord was telling me to do. But that is not how it happened.

It would take until almost the middle of December last year for me to get serious and do what I felt needed to be done. It also took my friend Amy asking me simply, “Would you be interested in doing a Bible in 90 days reading?”.  I needed the accountability. I really needed it and little did I know that the timing was perfect for me. I had to really get disciplined. I had to turn off the TV.

After catching up, the reading started getting better. It was still hard to carve out time to read but I realized it was one hour a day and I CAN do that. I can not say enough how glad I am that I did this challenge. Not only did it help me to read more of the Bible. I noticed other “smaller” areas of my life where I have become more disciplined. I enjoyed re-reading so many scriptures that either I knew through reading them previously, through a song we sing on Sunday mornings at church or through the latest worship CD that has come out.

I must admit, I did pick up “Unlocked” on Sunday evening and am half way through it! 🙂 I usually read Karen’s books in one day.  This time though, I am taking time out to read the Bible as well!

Would you do a read through the Bible in 90 days challenge? If you haven’t done it, I would encourage you to try it!



4 thoughts on “Bible in 90 Days

  1. Love reading your blog posts!
    I also love Karen Kingsbury books 🙂
    I have not yet finished B90x but I am still reading not sure how I got so behind just kinda snuck up on me…lol
    I agree this has helped me in reading the Bible regularly.
    Thanks for asking me to join ya’ll

    • Dana~ Thank you! Karen Kingsbury has been one of my favorites for quite a while.
      You are welcome for asking! I am so glad you were a part of the challenge as well!

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