I pulled out my camera again

On Sunday I had the opportunity to pull out my camera and do a small photo shoot. For a long time I had lost a passion for something I dearly love, photography.

I was uninspired.

The well was dry.

I was not interested.

I felt my creativity had dried up.

There truly was nothing left in me that wanted to create a new photograph. I’m not sure what to blame it on. That could be because there really isn’t just one thing to blame the lack of interest in something I have always loved.

I can not say at the moment that I am fully back in the game of doing photography. I can say that I miss it and being behind the camera this past Sunday helped to bring me back to one of my passions.

With all that said I wanted to share a photo of my friend Sunny from the shoot. We took photos of each other for her company Themba Imagery.




I had a great time with Sunny and I look forward to working with her more this year!


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