Meet the Mauldin Family

Today I finally put a cd together for the Mauldin family of pictures I took of them last year. I thought I would share some of those pictures with you all. There is Billy (dad), Julie (mom), Thor (oldest), Titan, Roxy and Daisy. I took these pictures right after Roxy’s dance recital. Despite it being a cloudy day it was really bright outside! Hence the squinting in some of the pictures.

I love this first picture because only Billy and Julie are paying attention. I love that Daisy has her hand in Thor’s mouth, and Titan & Roxy didn’t like how bright it was outside. 🙂













This next one is probably my favorite of Titan. He is such a ham and always up for doing fun things!














Here’s one of Roxy with Thor in the corner.












Last but not least one of all four kids, all of them making faces! I LOVE that!








Yes, all the kids are beautiful. Just like their parents! Billy and Julie have allowed me to step into their world over the last year and I have loved it. I love that I can just stop by their house and talk with Julie about whatever is going on in both of our worlds. I love that I get to spend time with all of the kids babysitting.  Just a little background… Billy was one of my youth pastors (years ago :)) at Central. Billy now runs Motor Racing Outreach. If you are into racing, you should check them out.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Mauldin Family

  1. We have loved and been blessed by sharing life together with YOU – and you like us still!! What a joy it has been for us all and me especially to be encouraged by you and your diligence, faithfulness and joy. We love “our” Rebecca. (PS: What a sweet blog entry. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the pics. )

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