Fire THAT Customer?

Have you ever thought about firing a customer? I have!

Recently I read a post by Byron Hill5 Reasons Why “The Customer Is Always Right” Is Wrong” and it struck a nerve so-to-speak with me.  In the past couple of years I have had to deal with customers who are just wrong. They of course being the customer think it is okay to yell, pitch a fit, cuss me out, and then say “have a wonderful day” after they have gotten their way. I think that is childish and very immature. But with the saying “the customer is always right”, I have to take it, right? Wrong. I don’t have to take it all the time.  I do believe there are times when the customer should just leave. It is not healthy for me to have that person to continue being my customer.

I know there are people who are just plain not happy with whatever is going on in their lives and unfortunately in my job I have become the first line of defense. (Trust me, I don’t like this position but apparently I am really good at it! 🙂 )

In Byron’s post he talks about firing the customers who are “abrasive and unruly” for the health of the company.  My boss has done this in the past couple of years and I can tell you that the mood in the office is so much better with them gone. When this is done you are able to help other customers who truly want the help and are not going to act in a childish manner.

What do you think?

Are you in customer service?

Are there customers with whom you wish to fire?

Side note: As a customer, I always try to be nice, polite and very thankful for the help of the employees of the establishment I am going to.


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