Broken Hearts & God’s Word

Last night I had an opportunity to have dinner with my friend Lisa at the women’s dinner at our church. At the very end of the evening I was struck by what Brenda (who leads the women’s ministry at Central) said. She relayed a story about a Rabbi talking to a group of people. The Rabbi told them to write God’s word on their hearts. At one point a lady questioned why to write it on their hearts and not in their hearts. He responded “Write God’s word on your hearts so that when your heart breaks God will fill it with His word.”

I am unable to stop thinking about that last sentence. My heart has been broken many times and I know it will again. I am thankful that I do write God’s word on my heart so when my heart breaks, His word is filling in the cracks. There is a sense of peace in trusting that even through heart break God is there fully and completely not just on my heart but in my heart.

In times of heart break where do you turn? What does your heart say?

Side note: I paraphrased that story of the Rabbi. 


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