How Chick-fil-A helped me…

Yesterday afternoon I had one of the most embarrassing things happen to me. I decided to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch. I love Chick-fil-A by the way but yesterday made me love them even more! 🙂

I decided to go through the drive-thru and take my food back to my office to eat. Traffic had eaten up a good portion of my lunch break. After I ordered my meal and as I was waiting to get to the drive-thru window I looked in my wallet for my cash. No cash! I thought that was strange and then looked for my debit card. No debit card! What? Then I went to look for my license and guess what? No license! I had taken everything out of my wallet the night before for my run and it was all still in my water belt! 😦 This. Was. Embarrassing!

I decided to stay in the drive-thru lane and let the person at the window know that I didn’t have any form of payment. I know it messes everything up for them when people order something and then skip out of the line. I just couldn’t leave. I had to face that person and let them know that I ordered without realizing that I had no cash, and no debit card. My face was probably three to four shades of red by the time I got to the window. I explained to the young lady what happened and I told her that I couldn’t take the food. She said “here, take the food…it’s okay”. WHAT? I looked at her and said “Are you sure?”. Yes, was her reply.

I was in shock! I do go to this Chick-fil-A often so I am sure she recognized me but still. She did not have to give me the food. I honestly had lost my appetite for a little while b/c of how embarrassed I was. Eating was the further-est thing from my mind.

To make this story even more interesting, I knew that I needed to go back and pay for the food. 🙂 I did just that last night. Not even 7hours later I walked into that Chick-fil-A and paid what I considered to be my debt. I talked with the manager that was on duty at the time I went back and we both laughed at my expense and how unusual it must be for some one to come and pay them back.

Have you ever done this? Did you pay the restaurant back?


7 thoughts on “How Chick-fil-A helped me…

  1. No but I have always been concerned that this same thing would happen to me. I bet from now on (at least for a little while) you will double and triple check to make sure you have a way to pay!! But what a nice Chick-fil-A!! 🙂

  2. i have done this at a restaurant I frequented quite a bit. I don’t remember how I did it, but I walked out without paying. We were in a group from the Bible College I attended. I realized the next day that I hadn’t paid for it. I got my money together and figured out a nice tip and went back to the restaurant to settle up. I was most concerned about the waiter, having to suffer loss for my stupidity. The restaurant staff was surprised. The money was left in an envelope for the waiter, as the shortage did come from his pocket.

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