Today I’m 34!

Today, I am 34 years old. I feel no different than when I turned 33. 🙂

But things are different for me. I have changed.

This time last year I was not a half marathoner like I am this year. (Next year a marathoner! Yes, I have lofty goals with running.)

I’m a half marathon running coach! (Something I truly enjoy!)

I’ve run three half marathons and several 5ks in the last year. (I have improved my time on each race! :))

I was just beginning the process of staying debt free! (I became debt free three months before my 33rd birthday. I’m still there and plan to be like this the rest of my life!)

I was still living at home. (Technically, I am still there but will be moving out soon!) 🙂

I was not eating as healthy as I should have been. I don’t eat as much chocolate as I used to. (Some days this makes me sad. :()

I’m trusting more that the Lord is guiding me in the right direction.

I’m being challenged and stretched in ways I hadn’t been before.

I’m learning to live in the moment of today. (This is hard for the “planner side of me”.)

I’ve met lots of new friends over the last year!

I read the Bible in 90 days! (My first time doing this and it was quite the challenge. I loved it!)

I’ve learned I need to take time for me to just be. I haven’t been very good at this ever in my life. I’m still not good at it.

Yes, I am 34 today and I don’t feel different yet, I have changed.

PS.  I’ve met a lot of people over the last year that seem to think I am no older than 24! That is something I hope never changes! 😀


4 thoughts on “Today I’m 34!

  1. Happy Birthday and what an awesome year number 33 you had. I’m sure number 34 will be just as wonderful.. Proud that you are out of debt, read the bible in 90 days, and are challenging yourself in so many ways… You made me an Aunt for the third time 🙂 wish we could have had you closer to watch you grow up but that is water under the bridge.. I am amazed at how much you and your sister have grown in your faith and how you are staying close to God. You are an amazing young woman and God has a wonderful plan for your life!!!

    Love you much,
    Aunt Julie

  2. Happy birthday!! I love hearing how you’ve made your last year count. I have never done the 90-day challenge, but I hope I do someday. (I know, I shouldn’t just say “someday” because it will never happen. But I’m not ready to commit now, so I’m not sure what else to say!) I hope you have a wonderful birthday – and I hope 34 is even better than 33!

    • Thank you, Mary! I used to say “someday” a lot as well! I always envied people who could do it and I finally did it. I think this running thing has helped me in the area of discipline in so many ways!

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