Meeting new friends and Women of Faith conference

A couple weeks ago my friend, Sarah, asked me if I would like to go to the Women of Faith conference with her that was in Charlotte this past weekend. I was so excited that she even thought of me to go with her!

What a privilege to go and listen to women whom I have respected for a long time. When I found out that I was going and that I might get to hear Shelia Walsh speak, memories of my childhood flooded back. I would sit with my parents and watch the 700 Club while she co-hosted it.  She is the only person I remember watching on that program. I also got to hear Nicole Johnson, Luci Swindoll and Lisa Harper. Last but not least I got to hear my favorite fiction author Karen Kingsbury! I started reading her books almost 10 years ago! It was so wonderful to hear her in person. I loved listening to each one of the speakers. Luci Swindoll sounds so much like her brother Chuck Swindoll that if I closed my eyes, I couldn’t tell the difference! I love listening to Chuck Swindoll on the radio so it was a treat to hear Ms Luci!

I laughed and cried through most of the day.

Then Mary Mary got on stage, seriously they are great! If you don’t know who they are, go here and listen to their stuff! I have loved their song “Shackles” for quite a while!

Not only did I get to hear these wonderful speakers and singers all day, I had the privilege of meeting some new friends! They are Sarah Martin, Lisa Whittle, and Tiffany Thurston. I have been following Sarah and Lisa on Twitter for a while now. I read both of their blogs and love the ministry they are a part of for young women. If you are looking for encouragement and women who have “been there, done that” go check out their blogs! Here is Sarah’s blog and here is Lisa’s blog.

Here is a picture of me and Sarah:

A side note: Sarah and I share a love of politics! We have had some good text conversations during the debates recently! 🙂

Tiffany was not the last person I met yesterday but meeting her made a huge impact on me. I should be honest here and let you all know that I had no idea who she was when I started talking with her about Hawaii!  (She is Natalie Grant’s back up singer and apparently has a wonderful voice! Sorry Tiffany, I still haven’t heard your music but I am changing that today! :)) Nicole, another young lady I met on Saturday started talking to Tiffany about her recent trip to Hawaii. I heard “Hawaii” and of course I wanted to jump into that conversation! We discovered that we have a mutual friend! (We actually have several friends in common!) I was able to talk about “plate lunches”, Manoa Valley, the beach and all the other local things that I do miss on occasion. 🙂 I love how God chose yesterday for us to meet! We are 6,000 miles from the place that connected us!

Here is a picture of me and Tiffany:

I had a great time at the Women of Faith conference!

PS. I finally bought Tiffany’s worship CD and it’s great! I think everyone should go get it on iTunes! 🙂


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