Entangled EBook

Entangled “Recognizing Your Emotional Affair, Restoring Your Marriage” is my friend Amy’s new ebook!

Even though this book is written to married women, I fully believe every woman needs to read this book! I am a single woman and Amy’s way of conveying her story and how she dealt with an emotional affair has me longing to be more guarded in the relationships I have with the men in my life. I want to honor the Lord in everything I do and this is definitely one area I think most women can find themselves (and men as well) trapped in.

I love how Amy shows through scripture the redemption of her story and the saving grace we have through Jesus! No matter where you are in life this you will benefit from this book. I believe with my whole heart that we serve a God who is about second, third and fourth chances to redeem what we can so easily mess up ourselves. Read this book. Take it to heart and share it with others. If you are going through an emotional affair, you are not alone and Amy does a great job in letting you know that she will help you through your journey as well.

You can buy the book by clicking on the picture above. If you have a Kindle, the ebook is on Amazon’s website!

One thought on “Entangled EBook

  1. Becky, I agree! I found your site through Amy’s and just wanted to say I think any woman should read this book, married or single, affair or no affair. Sometimes we don’t even know what to look for when it comes to emotions, and this book gives such a clear road map. I am so amazed at her for sharing such a difficult story.

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