My weekend in pictures!

This weekend was so full that I know more blog posts will come but for now, here are some pictures with captions about what I did!

First up: The Woman 2 Woman Conference

Lisa and Me

My mom and Lisa's mom

Lisa Whelchel and Julia (Julia found a kindred spirit in Lisa. 🙂 )


Lisa and Julia (my favorite picture of them!)


Me and my adopted big sis Carol!!

Heather Shelley and me!


Last but not least: Winter Jam

Julia and I wanted to meet Kari Jobe and for King and Country and I’m so glad we waited to meet both! I will write more later but Kari, Luke and Joel were all very kind and gracious!!


Kari Jobe and Julia


Me and Kari Jobe

Me with for King and Country (Luke and Joel)

What a weekend!!!!


8 thoughts on “My weekend in pictures!

  1. With names like Luke and Joel how can they be anything else but kind and gracious… 🙂 Looks like you will need a day or so to rest up from your week-end…

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