Tired and Energized

I had a very full weekend that left me tired and yet energized all at the same time. I woke up yesterday morning at 8am and within seconds I was up working on photos and blog posts. I had only slept about five hours at this point. I just had to get things out of my head.

Side note: Today my boss said “I can tell you are stressed, you are much quieter today and I can tell there is a lot going on in between your ears”. He and everyone else has no idea! 🙂 

After getting one blog post up with pictures, eating breakfast with my family and working on a Bible study, I realized I needed a nap. Desperately needed one. There was a problem though. I couldn’t shut my brain off. My body exhausted but my mind spinning with things that needed to be written.

I had to get up. I couldn’t lay in bed any longer with my mind so full and my heart bursting. I pulled out my pen and my note book and began to write. Yes, I hand wrote out my thoughts for over an hour.  What came out on paper was unexpected. I hope to share it one day soon on my blog.

Until then, here is a picture for you showing my writing!

Over five pages hand written...



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