My Thoughts Today

Today I thought I would be able to write out a post about one certain thing but my thoughts keeping going in one direction to another. I might be a little ADD! 🙂

But here they are:

1~ I am very blessed. I have the wonderful privilege of doing a Bible study with my mom, sister and one of my best friends! Sharing this time together is a treat for me.

2~ I’m surrounded by people who are cheering me on in my passions and let me be well, me.

3~ As Beth Moore said in the video last night at Bible study: Live It! (Important words!)

4~ I think my blonde-ness is coming out more lately. 🙂 I say weird things at the wrong times. Mainly because I speak before I think clearly. That happened several times this past weekend. I walked way thinking “Oh my life, I just sounded so dumb there! My aunt Julie has been sending me blonde jokes via Facebook. No correlation just happenstance. 😉

5~ I wish I could be traveling right now. I miss it a lot. (I am going on a cruise soon and I am beyond excited! :))

6~ My boss brought in a Kepler temperature Gage…I don’t know how it works and I am desperately searching the internet to find out! If you know how it works, let me know!

Kepler Thermometer

7~ I don’t have time to grocery shop after work so I am taking my lunch break to do it. Can life really be that busy for me? Yes, it can and it is.

8~ Tomorrow I meet with a financial planner that I pray will help me with my budget. It is small and now that gas prices are through the roof, I need to figure out how to make things work. I want to stay debt free!

9~ I love listening to Kari Jobe’s worship CD each morning while getting ready for work. It is a beautiful CD!

10~ I thought it was supposed to be sunny today, not cloudy and dreary. 😦

By now, you should be convinced I am ADD! 😉

How is your day going???


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts Today

  1. Well welcome to the ADD family…I am so happy for you and wished I was sharing your attitude right now, instead I am dealing with death which is very sad… you

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