30 Day Challenge – News Junkie

On Tuesday of this week, my friend Sarah sent me an email via Facebook about a 30 day challenge. I have joined her journey of “RISE UP!” on how to live out our faith and rise up to the challenges we face. She posted a vlog (video blog)  about this and at the bottom of the post she wrote this:

What is one thing you want to do differently––your experiment––this week, this month, this year. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Let’s encourage each other to examine our lives and RISE UP!

She also linked to a blog by another Sarah that had challenged her to do something differently for 30 days. This Sarah started her challenge on February 1st. Which interestingly enough happens to be the same day my internet and cable went out at home! Coincidence? Nope. Definitely a God thing!

I’m a news junkie! Seriously, I am. I wake up, turn on the TV to the news channel and go about my morning listening. I come home from work, turn on the same news channel for a bit. Right before bed, you guessed it, I have the news on. I love everything about it! The anchors, commentators, debates, and yes even the weather guys! I’m completely captivated by it.

I have spent so much time watching what is happening on the news that, my time before work would get me more keyed up than I needed to be. Even though I spend a lot of my time reading, writing, exercising and going places, I wasn’t spending time in the quiet of the morning to get my heart still and ready for the day.

Since I didn’t have the TV to distract me, I turned on some music. Not only did I have more time in the mornings to get ready but I also didn’t feel rushed around while trying my best to not miss out on any news of the day. I also started the Beth Moore study on “James” last week. My mornings are now filled with worship and study of the Bible. I couldn’t be happier with that.

Please understand something here, I miss the news. I REALLY miss it. It is a temptation I fight every morning to not turn on the TV. For this season in my life though, I must keep it off.

So, I echo the same question my friend Sarah asks: What can you do differently for a week, a month or even the year to RISE UP!?


2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – News Junkie

  1. This is AMAZING! No wonder we made fast friends, I’m a news junkie too. I also love that you didn’t just cut something out, you replaced it with something more productive.

    Thanks for joining me in this RISE UP! movement!

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